Importance of Principles

The value of a man is known not by his wealth, but by the principles he follows until death” -Said my Dad, when i was a 17 year old arrogant boy. He is the one person whom i continue to admire even today, years after he is retired from his successful career as a banker.

These were ignored by me at that age, though not forgotten over the years. It is these wonderful years of experience where i lived alone and saved myself from the world only due to those principles that were seeded in me by my Dad & my ever lovable mother brought back those memories of what i had learnt from them. They were inarguably the shining north stars in my life. And i was a refusing child, who would often ignore than hear. Though this is common with every child during the days of his growing up, it did take me by surprise that all of their principles are being beneficial to me at this age.

I remember now every single day of my youth, when i have seen my dad carefully follow his perfect yet strict routine of doing his personal job all by himself. Be it bathing on time twice a day or even more, or reading the newspaper page thru page every morning. He was a tower of discipline, completely principle centered, thorough in his job, uncompromising in his timings.

He carried various principles, including a total honesty which till today is his biggest armour, his perfection in time management, his respect for all elders, his unconditional support for his siblings and peers, his practical love for his children, his never ending trust on their ability to excel, apart from his totality of perfection which itself set a perpetually increasing benchmark of excellence for all the three of his children.

Today in the mad rush, people including me forget the importance of these principles. I am compelled to re-learn time management, compassion for people, trust on their skills, etc through my growing career requirement. When i hear people comment that i am an excellent leader, i feel proud that i have been trained by such an expert in management who is called “DAD”.

Efficiency was the key parameter in all the industry at all times. So the basics of efficiency and the path to success still remains the same. Although the quantification of the same might have changed in today’s world when people are more and more demanding and so each industry is slowing shifting to a service oriented approach. Even management has had a paradigm shift of how it operates in today’s world. But end of the day, the parameter for achieving efficiency or excellence is the same – Principles.

When my mother told me about the principle of my dad, or the principles written in various scriptures from the past, it did not reach me good. But even today, most of the management books are written around the single mantra called “Principle”. When a successful author like Stephen Covey or Keith Harrell write about these they use different words around the mantra like a sugar coated candy. People today are focussed on training and management skills for senior roles which are again centered around this mantra.

I have atleast realised that there is no shortcuts to success and it comes from deep determination, adoption of basic principles, patience and will power. Everything else is just a sugar coated candy.

It is time for the youths of today to wake up and realise how much of their time is being wasted in relearning the same thing which we had learnt from our fathers or mothers.

5 thoughts on “Importance of Principles

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