Is it a coincidence they named it Bombay ?

The Media fascinates it by comparing it with 9/11, they call it 7/11, in a way making fun of it than conveying the traumatic experience of being a mumbaikar. This is the 3rd such bombing in the recent times and it comes right after the 2nd consecutive rainlash after a year and post the forced bandh by the so called Shiv Shainiks because of the Statue of their God Mother was touched. Mumbai has been the consistent target of such incidents and it is surprising to note that it used to be called as Bombay.

How do they call it the Trade capital ? How can it be the safest place to live ? How long can they say its the city that never sleeps when it is getting so many people sleep for ever ? What has come over Amchi Mumbai ?

Will we really see a potentially safe and developed mumbai ? or will we witness political parties blaming each other at the hour of emergency ? Who is to be blamed ?

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