Leadership Lessons from the Ramayana – Part 1

Rama Bhaktha Hanuman

One of the few major & Greatest epics of India, is the Ramayana that has been written by the Great Sage Valmiki, whose life changed even before he started writing the life of Lord Rama and his journey from a princely state of Ayodhya to a Sagely life in the Jungles and then on as a War Hero of Lankapuri.

If anyone has read this greatest epic, they would have definetely come across the word “Dharma” or Righteousness. This is my thoughts about how the Ramayana can teach us various principles for us to learn Leadership in its true form.

The Word “Dharma” in itself becomes the first and foremost principle of the path to true leadership. Righteousness was followed by all the leaders we know, be it Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King or Aung San Su kyi, everyone who has fought the leadership style has fought it the right way, using the Dharma or Righteousness.

Lord Rama, though he was the Lord Vishnu Himself, retained his Human form through out and fought for the right thing at the right time and at the right place. When he was asked to be accompanied by Sage Vishwamitra to save the Hermitage from the rakshasas ( Demons ) who were worse than the Pirates of the Carribeans, he stood in the front as a leader who doesnt hides or shies away from taking a risk for the first time, everytime.

When he was asked by his Father to get ready to become the next king or the very next day when he was asked to go to Jungle instead for 14 years, he did not show even a discomfort in his attitude, but as a true leader, humbled down and accepted what the elders wanted him to do. Being humble at all times is again the next quality of a true leader.

He had the amazing quality to create more leaders, and he truely was a king maker. Be it Sugreeva the Monkey prince who was made the King of Kishkintha or the brother of the enemy King Ravana – called Vibishana who was made the King of Lankapuri after the war. That again is a unique quality of a true Leader, as he sows more seeds of leadership around him.

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