Add Brand + 110% + Reinvent = Welcome to India !!

1. Arvind Mills Shirt on Factory sale = Rs.250 /- >> Cheap Stock !!

Arrow Tag + Import Duty + A/C Showroom = Rs. 2250 /- >> Classic Wear !!

2. Alphonsa Mango in Erode Market = Rs. 14 /- Per Kg >> Not the real one !!

US Label + Import Duty + Super Market Shelve = Rs. 35 /- Per Kg >> The Real Alphonsa.

3. Sports Shoes-Jalandhar Market = Rs. 350 /- >> Who will buy man !!

Reebok tag + Import Duty + Shoppers Stop = Rs. 2450 /- >> I luv my new Sneakers !!

Welcome to Modern India where either marketing & commodity advertising has reached a record peak that people are ready to spend on anything that has a good cost attached to it or they simply do not like the good old fashion of purchasing.

What has come to change ?!! People are more empowered than ever before ? More money at young age ? Less time to bother ? Convenience ? Or all of these put together !! But whatever it might be, we do not realise that we are paying added value for products to move out of the country just to come back packed in a new box with a new tag and ofcourse a new price. India is a country where 70% of the population still relies on agriculture or agricultural product. So what has happened so far to control these extra price ? Is there any governing body that controls such things ?

When we had natural hibiscuses get replaced by Hair Conditioners or non-sticky oil, did we think that we would be paying 100% extra for convenience ? Isnt it true that we have enough to self sustain ? Or has it become more important for the government to export all and distribute the rest ? Is it globalisation too ?!! Why do we have to know through Americans that Indian Rayon or Cotton are one of the finest in the world ?!!

Is this the real progress that we make today that makes us one of the top 10 global economical powerhouse ? Isnt there something called “Self Sustenance” at all ?

When we can be the best in Software & Systems exports ? Why cant we be the best in Internal System ? Why do we need global tags for local products to prove they are the best ? Do we trust ourselves ?

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