Tour Geneve – I

Fountain at Geneva Lake

 “Switzerland is the heaven on earth”. This was probably the way people could easily say about a place that holds so much beauty. My first trip to here was in Geneva and the first impression of this place when i landed at the airport was “This is a small city”. 

But thinking of it now, i feel that it had a lot more to offer genuinely to its visitors than any of the big cities here in my part of the world. The well laid railway lines, the quick constructions ( be it roads or buildings ), the traffic system, all these are common to any european cities, but the people are the real asset of this place. They are one of the most hospitable people that i came across, always very helpful and quite well mannered as compared to the west.

Though i stayed there just over 10 days, each day brought in a new energy as i had new things to do and new places to visit within Geneva. I worked myself up by visiting the Lake Geneva and the first day i was rather late to be there. It was still a quiet evening with the beautiful lake reflecting the mood of the sky in a rather poetic way as myself and my friend venu walked along the shores watching the busy traffic on our left and the lake giving a very calm effect from our right.

There were quite a few shops still open, selling everything from a Swiss tee shirts to the cowbell and the box that actually let the noise of the cow when turned upside down. My friend Venu tried hard and resisted in spending the swiss local currency on the purchase as he had to save them for something important for the latter days. The mood there was quite an artistic picture, the sun still orange and burning the shade on the west end of the sky and we were surprised as it was already 8 PM and coming from the south asia, we were not used to these changes. The air was cool and growing chiller as we walked along the bayside into the lane that led to the public sauna. The 450 metre fountain was the biggest attraction here, the sun rays going through it and the already cooler lake getting a cool effect because of the water drops spreading through the air creating the moist all the more.

As we inspected the shores and saw the bridge connect both ends of the lakes with the shimmering lights of the traffic on the bridge and the hotels and offices across the lake all lit up preparing for the evening with the mountains forming the backdrop, the entire scene looked like a picturistic one. We managed to take some snaps near the lake and infront of the big hotel Beau Rivage which overlooked the lake as we went moving around the lake to the bay area where the boats are parked in lots giving a typical european post card scene. There were some ducks we saw initially that moved around in schools, until we saw the big white Swans. The size of each bird was much larger than we imagined and the way they moved around flapping their huge wings and shooing away each other from their territory, it made us feel that we were indeed in their zone. There were many of them and the way they spread their wings was an excellent sight.

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