Visual Media – A boon or bane ?!!

There was a time when the Media was considered a boon and there were few channels who concentrated on quality of information being broadcasted than just TRPs of their programs. There were a few channels leading the world television space and the news being reported were like WYSIWYG. They gave their viewers the real news without any manipulations whatsoever. The entire goal of these channels were to provide the news as they were. The technology was not even half as we have today and people had to depend on manual stuff in things they did to capture historical events and remarkable moments around the world. There was a time when getting into these channels was dream of all young minds who were skilled in these streams and though the pay package were not even half as what they are today, there was a tremendous supply than the demand.

But today it is a sad state, especially the new face of Indian television is pitiable and has been merely focussing on the quantity of variety entertainments than quality products. Even today when we switch on to any of these channels, what we see is just an eye wash, with each programme getting more than a dozen commercials as sponsors and the quality of the programmes have detoriated tremendously. In the last two decades of indian television commercials, there has been a multifold increase and there is a huge money floating out there. Many indian entrepreneurs who were conventional business houses has spread their wings to TV channels as they are considered a major cash cow for the enterprises.

Adding to the problem is the globalisation of industries and westernisation of society that has led to many things which has no civic relevance to our nation. When the American channels conceptualised the so called idolising through their programmes, they were actually following their own culture to give a different variety of entertainment to their viewers, but it is pathetic to see the carbon copies of the same being aired in an indian version. Adding to the woes of already corrupted and a once rich indian culture.

When we turn our eyes blind to these chapters, there is more agony in form of News programmes who manipulate small events to a much bigger “Breaking News” segments to capture attention of innocent viewers who have no choice better than to switch to print media or simply switch off the idiot box. What is more painful to see is when media covers certain incidents which need not be covered as they possess serious human violations and need more humane approach than just show live to a billion people across the nation. A 6 year old baby getting trapped in a small pithole needs as much helping hand as required than just a tv coverage. When there are true events that needs coverage, like a responsible government servant refusing his core responsibility, it requires a huge cost and planned approach called “Sting Operation” to visualize through these media. 

Business news is probably the only section that is still on an average and the reason obviously goes beyond just globalisation. One of the most popular coverage today is terrorism and it is shown in all its forms all around the country and the world. But again the terrorists taking soft targets are manipulated as the death tolls are fairly reduced to a large extent by the time it reaches the wide audience.

 And quite recently the confidence of the media moghuls have increased even further with the terrorism taking its huge growth in the recent years. A sense of fear has been used to its full advantage to shake the general confidence of the citizens to a large extent during elections only to gain more mileage for any particular parties. What has added to the complexity is the existence of channels belonging to all the major political powerhouses both in central and at state level. What is interesting to note here is the fact that each of these channels visibly manipulate a piece of information as news favorable to their political agendas and motives.

 This and more has taken away half of the trust of the citizens on the media apart from the political blocks. This would slowly lead to lack of unity in information and therefore triggering chaotic situations during critical time of the year.

And as a result it has left the few sensible people yearning for quality channels and so the penetration of quality channels into this nation is quite a cake walk and we would witness more foreign channels making their footprint in the already globalised nation.

 Hope there would be a miracle which could change the situation and provide a positive information to the deserving viewers who are hungry for right information.

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