Valluvan Kural

Valluvan Kural

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Thiru Valluvar showing 3 fingers indicating the 3 parts of his famous & master piece Tamil Literature Thiru Kural.

The Kural is divided into 3 parts :

1. Aram ( Virtue or Deeds – 38 Chapters)
2. Porul (Wealth – 70 Chapters)
3. Kaamam ( Love – 25 Chapters)

Born in Mylai (Mylapore, Chennai) and lived major of his life in Madurai where he submitted his work Thirukurral to the then King Pandian.

He was said to born for a Brahmin Father (Bhagavan) & a non brahmin Mother (Adi), who was an untouchable at those times. After he was abandoned by his parents and his short time adopted mother from vellala community, he was raised by a weaver couple. It is probably for this reason that even today many of the weavermen community claim to be the clan of Valluvan.

A monument called Valluvar Kottam was constructed in 1976 in Chennai. The monument includes front hall corridors with walls inscribed with all the 1330 kurals.

A 133 feet tall statue of Thiruvalluvar showing his first three fingers. The statue is carved out of rock and erected at the southern tip of India (Kanyakumari) where the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean confluence. The 133 ft denotes Thirukkural’s 133 athikarams and the show of three fingers, perhaps, the three themes Aram, Porul, and Inbam.

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