The hardest step forward…. into DSLR


Originally uploaded by bratboy76

On Saturday i had finally made up my mind to go for a DSLR. I was clearer in the mind than the previous day when big C recommended D80 and so did Arun, but they both ended up asking me to take my own decision. I do not repent this decision, though many of my personal group of friends call me extravagant for investing close to 50K on a camera and lenses.

I feel that i have captured the next level of Photographical journey, one that is never going to end… and until one fine day when all these people around me who felt i wasted my money will tell me that i was indeed wise to take to Photography.

A day when i will be proud of my first official DSLR and first official camera : The Canon Digital Rebel XTi and yes… i will never forget what Arun sent me through that link… cos i remember everytime i take a snap that the most important thing in taking a good picture indeed rests 12″ behind the view finder !!

P.S: This is the first family photo taken from my new Digital Rebel XTi and i am glad it was Kaushik on the other end.

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