Chennai Monsoon

Rain Drops

Originally uploaded by bratboy76

In the aftermath of the so called “revolutionizing of water harvesting” in Chennai, there seems to be many years that has brought in perfect rain here. When i say perfect rain, it means that the sky breaks open continuously for a week and pours heaven’s little drops in the city that had once starved for good water.

The city which historically is a port shore created by the 17th century British for naval & trade purposes now houses close to 4.5 million people as of 2007 statistics and it has been a major challenge for the usually lethargic local civic administration team to provide good water at all times for this population. But somehow there seems to be a magical blessings from the heavens when these downpour showers the city with a fresh water capacity stored for the next 3-6 months for the entire city. These numbers might be a bit exaggerated but it is indeed a blessing for the citizens like me who surely needs a good amount of water to survive.

Though there are huge number of so called rivers and water bodies in and around the city, and though this city houses many eminent personalities in the country, many kollywoodians, conventionally rich businessmen, traditionally powerful politicians, new age professional youth, and more such, there seems to be no collective efforts taken by anyone (except a few good hearted… or sane hearted people), to correct the city’s future predictable problems.

Only God or so to say the Nature call help here and so it did this time around with a ghostly rain for the last 5 days which though has brought a gloomy sky but is sure to make the city look brighter in the weeks to come.

May Varuna, the Sky god of the “Water” Element save this city in the future too.

Oṃ Vaṃ Varuṇāya Namaḥ

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