Indians – Tigers or Goats !

India is traditionally a peace loving nation who has never bothered to interfere, attack or occupy any other nation irrespective of whatever it had to go through.  History has proven this when various other nations occupied India for centuries and India has never gone one step to doing the same.

This is a traditional India. Post the new Mumbai Terror attack, something has changed vastly. Indians everywhere are thinking beyond their traditional ways now. The recent Mumbai attack is not the first one to be suffered by this city.

The first one that people took notice was Mar 12, 1993  serial blasts which was a series of 13 blasts at various places of the city leaving over 260 dead and more than 700 injured. This was masterminded by the famous Dawood Gang in retaliation for the Babri Masjid destruction.  The Bombay Stock Exchange building basement, Hotel Juhu Centaur, Grenades in Sahara Airport and more such news were flashing across the TV channels (very few of them back then).

The prime suspect of this blast is still alive and very much in Pakistan, which is a proven fact.  Still no results of any actions whatsoever by the Govt. of India, after 25 years.

Dec 13th, 2001 – The Indian parliament which is expected and supposed to be a highly secure place as it is one of the important Govt.  secured zones in New Delhi, came under heavy chaos and attack by just a handful of 6 militants.  Around a dozen security personnels and half a dozen civilians were killed in this attack. Here again, after the attack and chaos, the then PM and leader of Opposition party were provided heavy protection by the Indian Army.

July 11th, 2006 – series of 7 bombs blasted in the Western line of Mumbai Suburban rail system which is one of the busiest railway network in the nation.  Mumbai police later claimed that this was carried out by the LeT (Lashkar E Toiba) and the Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI). More than 200 innocent citizens died and over 700 were injured.  After 10 days, the Mumbai police arrested 3 people as having key involvement and all of them from the SIMI group.  What was unique about this blast is that the same kind of attacks on rail system had been done around the world by several Muslim Terrorist organizations, one  in 11 Mar 2004 in Madrid, Spain and other in 7th July 2005 in London. And surprisingly there were no share of intelligence information between these countries ?!! There is more information about this blast in here.

And the latest blasts have shaken the common people’s faith on the government to protect their interests. This is commonly seen through the anger that was seen in the 1st week after the recent attacks on Hotel Taj, Trident Hotel and many other places in Mumbai in which many staff and guests of Taj were killed.  More than 80 people were dead and over 100 injured. But this was not the end of the count. The entire nation was shocked and watched the NSG commandos in action for 2 days of gruel action that had just one terrorist caught and the remaining killed.

This attack though did not have more people killed, but has changed the perceptions of the Mumbaikars in specific and Indians in general about what could turn out to be the next revolution in this nation that trigger what dictionary calls “Republic” and “Freedom” again. The true citizens have woken up saying “Enough is Enough… its time to protect our nation, the one that truly stands for its diversity in cultural freedom, religious freedom, regional autonomy, geographical presence, and to act against all those who want to intrude our homes, try to destroy our peace of life, want to target us like they did to many other nations. WE SHALL FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET and we have not forgotten anything. The true citizens in every Indian has woken up to stand for their nation, to protect the motherland and to ensure that everyone who dares to enter here with negative ideas will be punished, every gang that intrudes will be killed, every army that is evil shall be destroyed and the mighty army of the mighty INDIA who has been sleeping and ignoring all the audacities will now ARISE, AWAKE and SLEEP NOT UNTIL THE GOAL is REACHED.

Will INDIA remain a goat again ?? Not with this incident, not anymore… because Enough is Enough, Tolerate NO MORE… No Neighbours or others who want to defeat us have seen the might of INDIA. Now it is time to prove that we are Tigers not goats.


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