Excessiveness and the implications

I chose this topic as i remember a short story from my schooldays that had a morale which said anything in excess loses its value and preciousness gradually even if its the most useful thing. Even the most exquisite and rare things can lose the importance and attention it gets if it is available in plenty later on. In fact the meaning of the word "Rare" itself gives importance to the subject it is attached.

This is applicable to everything including human life. When any place has limited number of people living there, there is a sense of togetherness and belonging attached to each of them towards each of them. History has proved that such place existed and people lived happily. The same history has proved that the moment there is increase of the people in that area, through invasion or population growth, that sense of belonging and togetherness turns to selfishness and hatred. Reason is that the other persons quality is not seen as rare anymore…. there are more of the same breed and quality… and one becomes replaceable… disposable.

But these trends always existed in Human race and it continued to wave in and out. But what is happening these days is unexplainable and does not form any basis for any theory to be formed…. as there is no rational behind these incidents. Hatred has become a common quality in people and selfishness is the rule of the day. There are no motives behind such selfishness and acts of Hatred… people don’t care about their neighbours, their colleagues, their brothers and sisters, their fellow human friend, simply because they don’t want the other person to be what they want to be, or they want something that they are not ready to share.

This kind of state is due to what i call "Excessiveness". There are excessiveness in plenty in the issues connected with the modern world. People are born with everything in excess and so they take all those things as granted and do not really value them. The need for earning things had been a source of motivation to people in my generation and the preceding generations but today there is a no need for earning things – especially because there has been too many things provided and “not earned” and that makes even the basic things unimportant and taken for granted. All these are because there is excessive money, material comforts and painless source of getting things.

People of today might feel i am being one-side blind and not focusing on the real issue. But the reality is that while this trend continues – one day the very human soul and qualities of hard work, passion, motivation, etc will disappear making this place less competitive for the right things and cut throat for all the wrong things.

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