Another Struggle for Indian Independence ?!!

Has anyone outside India just realized that India is not anymore a place with snake charmers, elephants, the Taj Mahal and beautiful women ?? Have they realized that the might of India is now taking shape in architecting the future of the World ? Is it emerging as a largest Democratic economy ? Well, these may be proud facts suitable to speak about in a inter country cultural or political congregations, but there are hard facts that are still to be seen as internal improvements in India. And one of the most important and the most needed at the moment is sadly the same thing which probably existed way back before Indian Independence some 60-70 years ago. The whole nation stood by its leaders – displaying solidarity and Unity – the Power of Togetherness created an Independent Nation for the 1st time in 200 years from the East India company and British Rule or perhaps even the 1st time in 450 years of Colonial rule.

To give the facts right,  especially for the Gen X who have sadly mourned for the demise of Michael Jackson or proudly follow Manchester United Football games or even have the latest gadgets updated in their collection, these are the years of facts about India:

  1. As Portuguese Colony(fully or partially)   – 1510 –1691
  2. As Dutch Colony(fully or partially)           – 1605 –1825
  3. As Danish Colony(fully or partially)          – 1696-1869
  4. As French Colony (fully or partially)        – 1759-1954
  5. With East India Company (partially)         – 1612-1757
  6. Under East India Company(nearing full)   – 1757-1857
  7. British Occupation (Officially full)          – 1858-1947  

But these did not end our struggle from 1947 onwards as it continued in this pattern :

  1. Independent India Partition into 2 parts (with Pakistan & East Pakistan/ Bangladesh that attained freedom in 1971 from Pakistan) – 1947
  2. States Reorganisation Act released – 1956 with the following major states and Union Territories :
    • Andhra Pradesh – Formed by adding Andhra and Telangana of Hyderabad State.
    • Assam
    • Bihar Currently the Jharkhand and Bihar
    • Bombay State – Currently the Maharashtra – Enlarged by adding Saurashtra and Kutch, Nagpur division  Marathwada regions of formed Hyderabad.
    • Jammu and Kashmir – Currently the POK, COK, LOC, and Indian parts of Jammu and Kashmir.
    • Kerala State – Formed by merging the Malabar side of Madras State with Cochin and Travancore. Palakad given to Kerala and Kanyakumari given to Madras State (now Tamilnadu)
    • Mysore State – Current Karnataka – Was merged with kannada speaking parts of southern Maharashtra and western Andhra.
    • Orissa
    • Punjab – Current Punjab and Haryana – Enlarged by merging Patiala and East Punjab States Union.
    • Rajasthan – Enlarged by adding Ajmer and Merwara regions and was renamed Rajasthan from the name Rajputana.
    • Uttar pradesh – Current Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh
    • West Bengal
    • And the Union Territories were :
    • Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    • Lakshwadeep Islands
    • Delhi – Now a State
    • Himachal Pradesh – Now a state
    • Pondicherry – Now a State
    • Tripura – Now a state
    • Manipur – Now a state
  3. Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Goa, Daman and Diu were added to Union Territories by 1962.
  4. Madhya Pradesh divided into 2 – Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh in 1st Nov, 2000.
  5. Uttar Pradesh divided into 2 – Uttar Pradesh and the himalayan range of Uttarakhand on 9th Nov 2000.
  6. Bihar divided into 2 – Bihar and Jharkhand in 15th Nov, 2000.
  7. Now in 2009 after so many divisions Andhra Pradesh has demanded for a separation of Telangana State. Home Minister P.Chidambaram has accepted the division but the Govt seems to be backing off. But if this division is given, Maharashtra will see a demand for a Vidharbha, and more such issues will crop up.

After all such divisions, do we still need more and do we still fail to understand the same power and beauty of togetherness that we displayed 6o years ago ? Do we blame the leadership or do we display the solidarity amongst citizens of India ? How many such divisions can we take in future ? Do we let our great nation with such valuable history be ruined by petty politicians and separatists who are just a few among us ? Why can we not change this trend ? Let us stand united in 2010 and make our New year and new decade truly a year of India – as our great leader like APJ dreamt. Let us make their dreams come true.




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