Will Valmiki sue James Cameron ?

I am trying to guess why Sage Valmiki did not leave behind his ancestral race with a Patent on the blue color of his Hero or the “V” mark on the forehead for he would have left behind someone to sue James Cameron and his 5 year old efforts on Avatar.

First of all, the word “Avatar” comes from the Sanskrit word of the same name which means “Reincarnation” and so was Lord Rama the Avatar of Vishnu who is the God of Protection as per Indian Mythology. I felt i was dreaming when i watched the Cameron movie for the 1st time in a theatre that was filled with people full of expectations. Yes, the movie is well made and is definitely a good benchmark for future movie makers in both Hollywood and elsewhere.

I am not even trying to criticize the efforts that went behind the best movie of 2009, but trying to analyze from where Mr. Cameron got these motivation. To be clear on what i mean, let me show some pictures here to make sure it is well understood.


Lord Rama was the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu whose Avatars in their order of apperance on earth depicts the evolution of living beings on earth starting from a water based Fish to a turtle that lives in both water and land and a boar that lives in marshy lands, to a half man-half lion in Narasimha, followed by the dwarf in Vaamana and the Sage Parasurama being the one before Prince Rama. He was born in the Sun-descendant (surya parampara) family, was depicted to be in the color blue of the rain clouded sky (greyish blue)  and was wearing the Vaishnavite symbol of “V” Nama on his forehead with a white line in the center. The battle against evil king Ravana was fought with the heroics of Vanaraas (Monkey Warriors) and won with Lord Rama winning against King Ravana who had all powerful vehicle that could fly and be controlled by him and had ten heads.

 Avatar Hero

The Hero of the movie Avatar is a physically challenged marine officer who is transformed into the body of the Avatar, a native of the moon called “Pandora”  who call themselves “Na’avi”. The Naavi tribe has the color blue and the Hero is seen with this “V” on his forehead when he is completely qualified to be one among the tribe. Incidentally they fight their own war but have tails like monkeys, whereas the tail was used for the vanara warriors as per Valmiki. The villian of the movie is a captain who leads the operation against the Naavi tribes and uses a big flying vehicle to destroy their base just like Ravana did in the 1st battle with Lord Rama’s warriors.

Now i am wondering that either James cameron is extremely blessed by the almighty that he depicted this story with so many common elements with the great Hindu Epic, or has badly been narrated the story by someone who did not read the Ramayana completely or did not want to give away the complete story to him.

Whatever it is … it was an enjoyable moment to watch the characters come alive… and if someone can rightly picturise the great epic Ramayana in movies – it can only be James Cameron who might have been sued by Sage Valmiki’s descendents for Avatar.

To anyone who needs scientific proof of existence of Lord Rama, either go check the google earth images for “Rama Sethu” or “Adams Bridge” between Indian Subcontinent and Srilanka or simply read this http://bit.ly/4tTcP1 

Some coincidences really make you wonder and wish !!

Have a Happy New Year 2010.

4 thoughts on “Will Valmiki sue James Cameron ?

  1. I had sensed something very similar after seeing the movie.I just googled and found your post.Its quite interesting and you have presented the facts as it is.
    I would like to add that even the creatures like the flying creature,horse like Yazhi,panther like ones are all similar to the sculptures seen in south india temples like Yazhi etc.

    Guess they have been heavily inspired by Indian Mythology

    1. Vijay,

      It is certainly true to a large extent that inspiration needs to be drawn from anywhere… it was our epic for the Yazhi and also the bow and arrow that he carries and many such notable things.

      And it is also the African tribal practices of calling spirits and making a soul transferred to another body, etc. These are practices that still exists in some parts of Africa and used to exist in India too.

  2. Dear sir, I had the same feeling watching the film Avatar that I was seeing the modern version of the Valmiki Ramayana. Your thoughts are right.

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