James Cameron’s Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar

My last blog was probably not suitable enough to review a great movie like “Avatar”. So i have decided to be fair and give away a true fit review for this creation from James Cameron, the same director who gave us True Lies and Titanic.

I have been awed by the improvements made by James Cameron in his movie making. as i have been his regular fan right from Jaws, True Lies and Titanic. He is probably one of the few directors who can give real life to his characters, irrespective of what they are – Humans, Sharks, Aliens, Ships and even Graphical imaginations. If he had made the half of the US teenagers stop surfing for a few months after his Jaws, he has made us all go ga-ga over the cool spy Arnold in True Lies and showed us what a luxurious star vehicle Titanic would have been apart from making us realize the real incident of Titanic. And this time around too, he does not fail to make us drop our jaw with amazement when we see the CG come real on screen through Hanging Mountains, Modified Helicopters and Space ship like Airplanes, Archaeopteryx like Dinosaur birds, Modified Alien Horses, Tiny Alien Dogs or Monster dogs, etcavatar-flying mountains

If the dedication and vision of James Cameron isn’t enough along with the special effects and CG, the Storyline is pretty impressive and will remind us of the many major challenges like Human Greed, Deforestation, etc. It is amazing how Cameron has adapted parts of the Indian Epic Ramayana in making the main characters in Cyan skinned look with a “V” mark on their forehead with bow and arrow, the ritual style to transfer the soul from Dr. Grace to her Avatar body is copied from the native African rituals.

The story begins with our Hero Jake Sully transporting himself to a planet called Pandora (interestingly there is a tiny moon of Saturn by the same name) where he is asked to transfer his soul to his Avatar body that resembles the native Na’vi tribe who are blue skinned cat people with tails. The Humans are greedy to occupy this planet and want to take over the Na’vi tribe thinking they need civilization and education, but their aim is to take control of the enormous amount of native mineral of Pandora called the Unobtainium (the name itself states it is Un obtainable) that is capable of fueling their sky machines. But since the Na’Vi tribe has been living under a huge tree that is grown on top of the rich mineral ground, the Humans plot to infiltrate the Hero into the tribe and convince them to move away. And what happens in the process of such transformation of the Hero’s soul and the Hero’s mind in process of learning and appreciating the Na’Vi language and culture, is the remaining plot of the movie. avatar Hero and Heroine

A great CG work, fantastic Storyline, great cast including Michelle Rodriguez of Fast & Furious fame, Giovanni Ribisi (i remember him as the feeble brother of Nicolas Cage in “Gone in Sixty Seconds”) amongst others, and lots of money has gone into making this movie probably not just the top grosser of 2009 but for the decade itself.

Those who have not bothered to see it, check it out in the nearest theaters, and those who have seen it in 2D, check it out in 3D. The avatar is also in games (see avatargame.us.ubi.com ) and also check out the related sites like avtr.com and pandorapedia.com that highlights the huge success of the movie.

And lastly i leave behind the trailer for those who have not bothered to know this movie has finally arrived in theaters.

Avatar – Extended HD Trailer

Enjoy watching… again and again!!

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