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The world was once connected by “Sanatana Dharma”

I know some people might not like this type of writing here. Some may even hate me for doing this here. But i am not exaggerating a bit here. And this is not a religious talk at all but just trying to say why these are closely connected.

If you want to criticize me for writing this, please feel ABSOLUTELY FREE to do so BUT with THE FACTS.

So what is my point ?!! It is about the fact that the principles of Sanatana Dharma (roughly means “Universal Laws / Principles for all Humans” is misunderstood hugely today as religious and the fact that it once connected the entire human race across the world. Now this may be a bit too much for the reader to digest. Trust me… infact when i sought out to find the truth myself, i felt much more puzzled and unable to agree on certain facts the same way as you may feel now. 

No – I am not against any religion here… But i am against lot of misunderstandings that we live in today.

To me neither Hinduism is original as it is today, and the same applies to so called  other “RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD”.In fact i would go one step ahead and confidentally say – There is nothing called religion.

Why was it created then ?? Well – Simply put the answer was to keep humans live together in groups / communities and work towards the welfare of each other. Humans were less populated in the beginning and hence their staying together for the welfare of each other and to do things together, was vital. The power of togetherness and unity was the basic. Love to all and serve to all was the basic principle of Sanatana Dharma. Infact that is the basic objective of every religion or the basic message given by the supreme lords of all “Religions”.  And incase any of you want to debate this fact – You are free to do so but do not expect any response from me on this as i know that every religion preaches “Love for every living things” and i will NOT debate with any of you on that basic stuff.

Now How do i know all these?? Well that’s simple – Read more about Sanatana Dharma in its various original texts… not WIKIPEDIA although it is like closer to the fact.

Now getting to the point on how do i say Sanatana Dharma is origin of the Religions of today’s world ?? Well simply because they have connected all the human race and they are still connecting every religion in the world by the clear remaining proof.

What proof ?? ASK ME i will tell you 🙂 But here is a bit of fundamentals by taking facts of the major religions of the world…

So called Hinduism – got its name because it meant the practices followed by the people who lived in the land below Hindukush mountains and the Indus river (Sind river). Google for Hindukush and Indus river and find out more yourself.

The muslim – Well they have the famous Mecca and the famous holy Kaabah which looks just like the Linga of Lord Shiva – A Hindu God. Dont believe me – Try googling it. Well thats not all – it also has inscriptions (Holy Quran / Koran) mentioning about the 4 books being the original laws (The Holy Scripture of Vedas are 4 – Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharvana) and one of them being the most important and hence the Koran is adapted from it (probably Atharvana veda as it was  collection of spells and incantations as against the other 1st three vedas which were either collections of hymns or formulas).

The word Koran means “Word of God”(not any human) in Arabic & Persian. Hindus believe that the Vedas was directly revelead from the supreme God and it was a text that was heard (Sruti) against the texts that were written (smriti). 

Now what about Christianity you may ask ?!! Well, there is some facts that are common between Christ (the Lord who was born among cattles and loved sheeps) and Krishna (the Lord who was born among cattles and loved cows). The word Christianity – is derived from the phrase  “Chrisn-nity” or “Krishna neeti” meaning the ways of lord krishna or the laws of Lord Krishna. I am not saying this, the author P.N.Oak said it. Google for him and check out yourself.

That is not all. The Famous Holy Vatican city – is often referred by the Christians as the Garden city of Vatican. Now the Indian original hindi speaking population and those who know Sanskrit well will tell you that the word “Vatika” means the Garden. Hang on… thats not only theory – Go look at the picture of the Holy Vatican city yourself with the Obelisk in the center. It looks like the shape of Shiva linga with the Obelisk at the center. See here…  http://artfortunepolitics.asia/st-peters-square-at-vatican-city-with-the-obelisk-at-the-center/

Now the Obelisk is a common thing that is found everywhere including the Washington monument at Washington DC, the obelisk at Beunos Aires in Argentina,  etc. In Hindu temple tradition, there is something called the Dwajasthambam which is kept in front of the temple’s main sanctum santorum and after the main temple tower. There is a scientific purpose for this to be there and also covered with certain alloys. Even the churches in India these days have brought this culture all of a sudden as they probably understood the important of it.

Are you still debating… ?? Then you didnt read much about Sanatana Dharma. Feel free to connect with me and i will be more than glad to help you realize that the world is actually one common culture and it was already connected for the benefit of every single living soul. Let us understand in detail and connect back again for the benefit of all.